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Eagle County Public Health & Environment


Commissary Agreement

For mobile unit operators, caterers, and temporary vendors this commissary agreement must be completed and signed by the commissary owner before you will be approved to use the commissary. 


This commissary agreement is valid for the current calendar year only.

Todays Date

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I hereby give permission to the Mobile Unit/ Pushcart/ Temporary Vendor Business listed above to use my kitchen facilities to perform the following (check all that apply):

Commissary Water Supply

Commissary Sanitary Sewer Service

Please indicate the equipment available at the commissary for the proposed uses: (check all that apply)

Important Things to Remember:  

  • The commissary facility must be acceptable for the food volume and preparation methods used and have the necessary equipment and storage capabilities for the operation.  

  • The commissary must be constructed and operated in compliance with the current requirements of the Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations.  

  • A facility inspection of the commissary by Eagle County Public Health & Environment may be required prior to use by the operator to determine if it is adequate for the intended use.  

  • Mobile units must report to the commissary every 24 hours on operational days for all supplies and cleaning and servicing operations.  

  • The use of a licensed facility by an unlicensed operation may put the licensed facility operator’s license in jeopardy

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