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Eagle County Public Health & Environment


Acuity Scheduling

Temporary Food Establishment (TFE) Vendor Application

Depending on the type of permit you are applying for you might be asked for the following information:

  • Menu - photo or description written in this form
  • Food manager or handler current certification
  • Permit payment (to be payed on a seperate website)
  • Commissary agreement (to be filled out in a seperate form by Commissary Owner or agreement can be uploaded)
  • Copy CO Mobile RFE License or TFE permit/license from another county
  • Copy of Approved plans from Licensing County or Contact Information
  • Site Plan (draw or attach photo) Must include all equipment, food, storage, hand washing station, barriers or sidewalls, sanitizer, etc

Todays date

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How would you like to provide us your menu and/ or list of food items

Upload your menu and/ or list of food items (examples: photo, Word doc, Excel file, PDF etc...)

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How would you like to provide us your food manager or handler certification?

Upload certification (examples: photo, Word Doc, Excel, PDF...)

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Payment Fee $115 - Packaged foods

Please select the best option:

Attach Copy CO Mobile RFE License

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Attach copy of TFE permit/license from another county

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All Temp Event Permittees and Licensees (excluding Cottage Foods and Non-Profits) must have an approved commissary kitchen to work from. Please indicate the type of commissary kitchen you are using:

You will need the Commissary owner to fill out and submit the Commissary form:

Site Plan (drawing or picture) must include:

Approximate dimensions of booth, cooking equipment, hot and cold holding equipment, food storage area, food preparation area/ surface,  single-service food container/ extra utensil storage area, hand-washing equipment, garbage containers & customer cervice area, personal item storage & break area

Upload your site plan

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Payment Fee $255 - First time applicant for an Eagle County TFE permit

Payment Fee $255 - Renewing a permit

Payment Fee $100 - Have current TFE health permit/license from another County in Colorado

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